Update regarding MKE Pizza Co. (03/22/23)

Hello Folks and thanks for stopping by.

As most of you already know, I am running a one person operation, meaning myself.  The main reason for this is that I just can not afford to pay $15.00/hour and that seems to be the going rate these days.  I'm not complaining, it is what is and I will run MKE Pizza and Smoothie Co. by myself until I can't anymore or things improve.


That being said, there are negative and positives to this situation.  First the negatives...

  1. Since I am working the restaurant alone, there are times when I can not  answer the phone.  If you have tried calling and there was no answer, that would be why.  But I implore you to please order online at mkepizza.zenpepper.com.
  2. Since I am working the restaurant alone, there will be certain times that I will not also be running the MKE Smoothie Co. Thus, smoothies will not be available starting at 3PM on both Friday and Saturday.

Now the silver lining...

Since I am working the restaurant alone, I want to incentivize ordering online.  therefore I am making this offer to you.  If you order Take n Bake Pies online, all of my specialty pies are now $10.99...


What?  Erik, how is that possible. We can't even get a quality frozen pizza for that price, let alone a fresh made to order pie...

Well, you would be correct, but again, my labor costs are down so I can pass that on to you.  That is the silver lining.

I am not offering this in-store, in fact, that price isn't even on my register.  To get this deal, please go to




and navigate to the $10.99 take and bake tab.


OK, I've taken enough of your time.  Thank you for shopping local and may you have a blessed day!




Hello Folks,

I've been making a lot of changes lately and while doing so, I have had a lot of time to think about what I want MKE Pizza to mean to this community.  What I have come to realize is that higher prices and the environment that we are in are affecting everybody.  It seems that in order for me to keep going, the logical step would be to raise my prices like countless other restaurants.

What I realized is that by doing so, I would actually be doing the opposite; instead of helping this community that I grew up in, I would be hurting it. You see, I believe that not only are my artisan pizzas some of the best in the area, but they should be also experienced by many.

My solution is simple, really.  I am lowering my prices significantly with the hope that more great people, like yourselves, can enjoy what I can offer.

Let me preface my new price changes by saying that in order to consolidate my inventory, I will no longer be offering 16" pies.  All pizzas will now be 12" on my buttery, flaky pizza skins or 10" Boombalatti's Gluten Free pizza skins. I have also determined that the menu, as is, needs to be reduced to lessen the burden of inventory.

All of my changes can be found here.

Now for the nice part...


You may be asking yourselves how this is possible.  Simply put, I hope to offset the loss of margin by having more orders coming in.  By making everything more affordable, my hope is that more people will enjoy what I do while allowing me to keep doing what I LOVE doing.

Please don't think that I reduced the quality of my pies.  This is not the case.  In fact, my latest change has increased my cost, but the change is worth it and I hope you will agree.  I just want to show you folks that I want to be a part of this community and a part of your lives.


As with the pies, I also changed how I do MKE Smoothie Co. protein shakes.  I have nixed the 12 oz. size so only 24 oz. drinks are available.  Again, this move allows me to consolidate my inventory

These are just two of the many price changes that I have made.  To see the full list, please visit


I hope to see you all soon and have a blessed day!!!




PS Please, if possible, share this information.